Reducers & e-Drive components

Reducers & e-Drive components


The electric axle is a solution compatible with battery- or fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles. It can also be used to complement a conventional powertrain, for example as part of a P4-type hybrid vehicle.

Dumarey Powerglide has developed a range of parts and sub-assemblies comprising various gears, shafts and housings. These elements can be offered either separately as components, or in an independent gearbox, or in an integrated system (3-in-1).

On the one hand, thanks to our experience as a supplier of both transmission systems and parts dedicated to electric axles, and on the other, thanks to our modular and extensible design, we can work closely with our customers and adapt to their needs.

Dumarey Powerglide also offers subsystem development services (efficiency optimization, cooling concepts, NVH, etc.), from the design phase through to validation.

Dumarey is able to produce products from its own engineering, as well as build-to-print concepts supplied by customers. As with conventional automatic transmissions with planetary gears, Dumarey Powerglide stands out from the competition thanks to its operational excellence and quality.

Technical specifications

  • 1 or 2 speeds
  • Electric parking system
  • High-performance disconnection
  • Competitive solution
  • Modularity through “building blocks” (or subsystems)

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