Supplier of drive-train solutions and components for sustainable mobility.

Dumarey Powerglide Strasbourg SAS

Formerly known as
PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg


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in 2023

Presentation & History

Construction de General Motors Strasbourg

General Motors Strasbourg

Founded in 1967 as General Motors Strasbourg.

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PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg

Since 2013, under the name PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg and part of the PUNCH Group.


Dumarey Powerglide Strasbourg

In 2023, we rebranded as Dumarey Powerglide Strasbourg, as part of the Dumarey Group.

Products & Services

We develop and manufacture automotive transmission solutions, as well as mechanical parts for hybrid and electric mobility.

Social Responsibility,
Safety & Quality

By integrating CSR into our long-term strategy, we are reducing our environmental impact through more sustainable product design, production and value chain.

ISO 14001 and CSR certified, we are working towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

DUMAREY Powerglide, one of the entities of the

Dumarey Group

Building on our passion and know-how, turning challenges into opportunities by leveraging proven technologies with innovation.

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Dumarey Corporate Presentation
Dumarey Corporate Presentation

Our News

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