Dumarey Group – new film now broadcast

Dumarey Group – new film now broadcast

Dumarey Group – new film now broadcast

15 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new corporate film, marking a significant milestone in our branding journey. The PUNCH Group has officially became the Dumarey Group –  a family owned company with a long-term vision committed to sustainability mobility for all and a worldwide customer base.

This film showcases our key sites and flagship products, featuring presentations by Guido Dumarey and some of our colleagues around the globe.

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Watch, enjoy, and share the film now!

About Dumarey Group 

The Dumarey Group is an independent supplier for the development, integration and production of high-performance powertrain solutions starting with transmissions and engines. Its Turin-based subsidiaries specialize in engineering innovative propulsion systems and state-of-the-art control solutions. Combined expertise in development, manufacturing and technology integration through proven systems and processes enables the Dumarey Group to provide turnkey solutions. Dumarey’s product range also includes transmissions (Dumarey Powerglide in Strasbourg for passenger cars and in Bouthéon for commercial vehicles), injectors and after-treatment solutions, (Dumarey Flowmotion), and kinetic energy recovery and storage systems (Dumarey Flybrid). The Group employs more than 3,000 people in 6 locations in Europe and Asia, with annual sales of about €1 billion. From its founding in 1983 until recently, the Dumarey Group was known as PUNCH.

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