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For several years now, Dumarey Powerglide has been taking concrete action to promote dialogue and improve the quality of life at work. through a systemic approach at all levels: work organization, team and individual autonomy, skills acquisition and transmission, equal treatment, prevention of discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities, recognition, the role of management, work relationships, change management and work-life balance.

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Gender equality

Professional equality is a deeply rooted principle in our corporate culture.

Dumarey Powerglide scored 93 out of 100 points under the French law on the freedom to choose one’s professional future, exceeding the minimum 75 points required by law.

This score is an index for measuring gender equality, based on 5 criteria, including the elimination of pay gaps for equal positions and ages.

Results by indicator

Pay gap

Individual increase rate gap

Promotion rate gap

Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10 highest earners

Percentage of employees given a raise upon returning from maternity leave

Skills management

In terms of the current challenges the company faces, including innovation, globalization, and operational excellence, human capital is one of Dumarey Powerglide’s key assets for addressing increasingly intense global competition and a constantly evolving economic environment. To meet these imperatives, a forward-looking workforce planning, skills management, and support measures have been put in place, and the three-year strategic directions for professional training and the goals of the training plan have been defined.

Dumarey Powerglide focuses on managing and developing the skills of its employees through a solid training plan.. The company integrates and develops its managers and professionals in order to strengthen their performance and skills by offering them attractive career paths.

Employee portraits

Dumarey Powerglide welcomes its new work-study students

By promoting the company’s values, Dumarey Powerglide enables young people to gain rewarding professional experience.

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