HORSE and Dumarey Group sign Strategic Agreement

HORSE and Dumarey Group sign Strategic Agreement

HORSE and Dumarey Group sign Strategic Agreement

Pierpaolo Antonioli and Patrice Haettel - Dumarey x HORSE

Madrid, Turin February 8 2024

• HORSE and Dumarey Group will co-develop HORSE´s 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, readying it for both Euro7 front-wheel drive and EuroVI rear-wheel drive applications.

• As part of the Agreement, HORSE grants license rights to Dumarey Group to purchase, use and sell the current and future HORSE 4-cylinder Diesel engines for Dumarey Group customers.

• The partnership between HORSE and Dumarey Group provides an avenue for potential future collaboration between the parties.

• With its proven technical expertise, the Dumarey Group – which includes former General Motors Global Propulsion Systems’ Engineering Center – will integrate the engines defined in the Strategic Agreement into other OEM vehicle platforms.

• This Agreement is the finalization of an extensive collaborative effort between Renault and the Dumarey Group, solidifying the progress achieved under their initial Memorandum of Understanding, signed at the beginning of 2023.


HORSE, a global innovation partner for powertrain solutions, has signed a strategic agreement with Dumarey Group. The partnership is based on HORSE’s extensive experience in engine production and Dumarey Automotive Italia SPA (formerly PUNCH Torino) expertise in advanced propulsion systems and embedded controls.

As part of the new agreement, HORSE and Dumarey Automotive Italia will co-develop HORSE’s flagship 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine (M920) with manual transmission, readying it for Euro7 front-wheel drive and EuroVI rear-wheel drive applications.

This agreement will set the foundation for further potential future cooperations between the Parties on low Carbon fuels, including hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines, for which the Dumarey Group, through its brand Hydrocells, has gained a considerable expertise.

Patrice Haettel, CEO of HORSE, stated, “I am delighted to start 2024 by announcing this agreement with Dumarey Group. As a leading supplier of low-emission powertrain solutions and technologies, this latest agreement demonstrates our ability to form strategic partnerships with companies around the world. There is no one size fits all solution for a sustainable future, and we are committed to supplying high quality and highly efficient products that meet the demands of our customers. I believe this new agreement will result in great mutual success for both businesses.”

Pierpaolo Antonioli, Chief Technology Officer of the Dumarey Group, stated: “In the face of the energy transition and extended product life cycles, we must pioneer innovative solutions that seamlessly blend the efficiency of Internal Combustion Engine technology with the sustainability of decarbonization. Collaboration among companies is paramount to achieving this goal, enabling knowledge sharing, cost reduction, and accelerated innovation.”

A good year for HORSE, a Leader in Innovative Powertrain Solutions

Since its creation less than a year ago, HORSE has maintained an upward trajectory, thanks to its strong focus on R&D, and its ability to form new commercial partnerships. 

HORSE was created to provide highly efficient, low-emission engines, transmissions and technologies to meet the varying power generation needs around the world. HORSE is a truly global company, with eight production plants across seven countries, three R&D centres and a head office based in Madrid, Spain. The company produces over four million units per year for its customers around the world. To find out more about the complete range of HORSE high-efficiency internal combustion engines, hybrid powertrains and transmission systems, visit:

Dumarey Group: a sustainable future for all

Dumarey Group (formerly known as PUNCH Group) is a global leader in developing and providing world-class engines, transmissions, energy storage, control systems, sub-assemblies, and components. With its flexible partnership approach and extensive OEM experience, the Group ensures the reliable performance of its products across a wide range of applications, making it the ideal outsourcing partner for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Dumarey Group is also investing in innovative technologies like hydrogen and electrical propulsion systems, and supporting the circular economy through reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling. As a proof to its commitment to growth and innovation, the company recently acquired Vitesco Technologies Italy, which will be named Dumarey Flowmotion Technologies srl, further expanding its product portfolio and solidifying its position in the internal combustion engine market, with a focus on alternative fuel technologies like hydrogen.

In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, Dumarey Group is poised to remain at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, empowering a future where sustainable mobility is accessible to all.

Check more about Dumarey Group:



HORSE is a global supplier of innovative power solutions. It believes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sustainable mobility and so is investing in technologies which will support the automotive industry, and other sectors requiring power generation, in their transition to a sustainable future. Inheriting decades of industrial know-how from Renault Group, HORSE develops, produces and supplies highly efficient full-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and internal combustion powertrains, and cutting-edge technologies (engines, gearboxes, full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems, and batteries). 

Employing over 9,000 people in seven countries, it is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and has eight manufacturing plants and three R&D centres around the world (Argentina, in Córdoba; Brazil in Curitiba; Chile in Los Andes; Portugal in Aveiro; Romania in Bucharest, Mioveni and Titu; Spain in Seville and Valladolid, and Turkey in Bursa in partnership with Oyak).

About Dumarey Group 

The Dumarey Group is an independent supplier for the development, integration and production of high-performance powertrain solutions starting with transmissions and engines. Its Turin-based subsidiaries specialize in engineering innovative propulsion systems and state-of-the-art control solutions. Combined expertise in development, manufacturing and technology integration through proven systems and processes enables the Dumarey Group to provide turnkey solutions. Dumarey’s product range also includes transmissions (Dumarey Powerglide in Strasbourg for passenger cars and in Bouthéon for commercial vehicles), injectors and after-treatment solutions, (Dumarey Flowmotion), and kinetic energy recovery and storage systems (Dumarey Flybrid). The Group employs more than 3,000 people in 6 locations in Europe and Asia, with annual sales of about €1 billion. From its founding in 1983 until recently, the Dumarey Group was known as PUNCH.


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